Wim van den Boom (1954) has been making music since he got his hands on a guitar at the age of sixteen. Since then, music has been a necessity of life. In ever-changing proportions, he strives for the right balance between three elements: 1) making music, alone or in a group, 2) listening to music by others, and 3) composing, creating himself, which implies a sense of complete freedom for him. He has mastered several instruments. After a period with mainly solo performances, he played in the band Spearhead, worked with the American poet Gary Meyers and since 2001 he has been part of the band One Time, of which the CD First was released in 2016. Wim van den Boom composed the music for this CD. For more information about One Time go to:


Below is an instrumental version of Gare Du Nord by Wim van den Boom, from the album Spertijd